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The Most Effective Executive Search Process

Put an end to wasting time recruiting the wrong employees while also reducing your overall hiring costs.


Based on psychometric indicators from the McQuake Institute, which utilise extensive psychometric employee assessments as: competency questions, reference checks/vetting/screening plus video interactions. You get the best up to 12 months guarantee in the Balkans of a successful long-term hire afterwards and engage top talent as ensuring their identity matches your vision. You go an extra mile beyond the regular CV check.

Cost-per-Hire innovative algorithm calculator

For mid to senior roles the true cost of a bad hire in most companies is around 3.5 x an employee's annual salary. Have you ever calculated the true cost of someone who leaves during their first year of employment?

Probably not, because it’s time consuming and too complicated. But it’s key to pinpoint where you stand on your recruiting costs. See in 5 easy steps how much you could save using ES by HRS' calculator!

Our innovative proccess

Our innovative proccess

Defining needs

Our Executive Search team sends the McQuaig Job Questionnaires to the stakeholders involved in the process. The next step is a meeting to define the experience and skills needed for the role.

Creating a recruitment strategy

Our team carefully plans the entire strategy, defining the appropriate information channels to use, conducting market research to assess potential companies where there may be candidates with suitable profiles, and setting deadlines for each stage of the overall process.

Sourcing & selection of potential candidates

To create an exclusive talent pool, the Executive Search team works actively in collaboration with the marketing team in order to reach proactively, in the most correct and appropriate way, the desired profile of professionals on the market.

Pre-interviewing & Interviewing

Our specialists make a preliminary assessment of all candidates. Depending on the specifics of the vacant position, telephone interviews are conducted, the level of a foreign language is validated or technical & personality tests are prepared.

Delivering candidates

For the client to make the most informed decision, we send a complete package of documents for each selected candidate, which includes the candidate’s CV & consultant’s feedback, the candidate’s references, personality report plus a comparison between the candidate’s profile, and the client's job profile.

Elevate your hiring with a new generation recruitment

You can expect:

Executive search by our most experienced Management Consultants
Absolute outreach & engagement through a proactive and professional approach
Objective alignment of all stakeholders

Your success is guaranteed by:

Decade-long history of contented clients and partners
Assessment model going beyond the standard methods that is served in 30+ countries
Detailed McQuaigJob Fit Word Survey - personality report plus comparison between candidate’s profile and the client job profile

Why choose Executive Search by HRS

Up to 98% retention rate

Assessment model that helps you dramatically reduce your commercial downtime and spend less resources in recruiting & onboarding, so you can concentrate on reaching and growing your business goals.

Up to 12 months replacement warranty

We focus on employee longevity, so the new hires are still working for the company 1 year after being hired. Sounds unbelievable? Remember that the metrics and algorithms can’t lie.

7000+ successfully placed hires

Via McQuaig methodology, which is backed by 50+ years of research and experience. Executive Search is not just a service, it's a process that gives you the combination of local connections and smart technology.

Спести време и средства

Разгледай кандидатите и проведи интервю само с тези, които отговарят на всички изисквания, за да спестиш време.

Woman propped against a wall in an office.

Вземи информирано решение

Използвай резултатите от въпросниците за ключови умения и личностни качества, за да избереш кандидати, които ще се впишат в културата и стила на работа в компанията.


От телефон. Таблет. Компютър.

Прегледайте кандидатите и предимствата им със своите колеги, като използвате което и да е устройство с iOS или Android.

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