5 tips for mental health and the work environment

Ani Kyneva

Yes, the two things have a lot in common! The most common mental health problems in the workplace are anxiety and stress. It's time to stop suppressing your emotions and letting them affect your work.

More and more people are reluctant to leave their workplace, even if they don't feel well, because of the fear: "Will they find a better job?",, and "Can they take the risk?". ‍

To achieve the peace and enjoyment of the work, sometimes you have to take risks and try to improve yourself to feel better. And here you will find useful tips on how to deal with different situations at your workplace.

1. Don't be afraid to share, but choose the people you share it with.

There is no shame in saying what you feel and what is the reason for your emotion, as it directly affects your mental state and, accordingly, your performance at work.
So share if you don't feel well for a long period of time. Determine first whether the problem is personal or professional, and consider who are the right people to talk to and hear a different perspective. It is possible that sometimes due to overload, the person mistakes personal difficulties for work ones and this leads to misunderstanding and discomfort in professional terms.
If you feel offended or affected in any way by your colleagues, share with your manager, for example. However, if you feel bad about something in your personal life, tell your loved ones. The worst thing you can do is mask your emotions, they can have significant effects on your physical and emotional health. That's why it's best to share what's bothering you, but at the same time to be able to assess where your problem comes from, so you'll know who to share it with. Once you understand the difference between the two types of problems, it will be much easier for you to deal with them when you are at your workplace.
With that in mind, when you're applying for a new job and have any concerns, share them with your recruitment consultant. At HRS for example, part of our career consultation includes a CV check & interview preparation so you feel relaxed and confident. ‍

2. Be brave and make the changes you need!

Often, people subconsciously look for the problem mainly in their workplace, and do not think that it can come from them. You want a higher salary? You want to be in a more responsible position? Work on yourself! Enrol in a course related to the position you want to be in, be curious, accept criticism and learn from it, this way you will show your employers that you really deserve higher pay and the position you want.

When you do all this, but you don't see results, then it's time to change the environment in which you develop and find a better one. The only limit a person has is in his mind. Take a risk! ‍

3. Don't take anything personally.

Often what other people do is not for you or to you. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where your colleagues are insulting you with actions, keep in mind that their actions are about them, not about you. If you look for the positive and not the negative in the people you work with, it will be much easier for you not to take anything personally. If, however, this becomes a systematic behaviour on their part, then talk to your manager about the problem and find a solution together.  

4. Focus on what you can control.

You can only control your own actions and feelings, and when you focus on them, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. Focus your mind on the things you know you can control yourself and build on them accordingly. The right way to feel in control is to focus on what you can change about yourself or your environment. If you want to grow in your career or change the workplace in which you are developing, you can always find an option on how to do it. You are the owner of your mind and emotions, and when you manage to control them, you will be able to develop everywhere. ‍

5. Look actively for a job, so you have the opportunity to develop with a smile!

People often complain about their work environment and colleagues and if you are one of those people and none of the above tips help you feel better, then it's time for a new job. And you can find one here, you just have to click on the "find a job" button and look at our job ads that we offer and give yourself a chance for a new start in your career development!